Yukio Eurdicus



Age: 18

Date of Birth: April 4, 1991

Date of Death: July 23, 2003

Blood type: O

Likes: Children, Happyiness, Romance

Dislikes: What he has become, Nessie

Magic: Zombie/Wolf/ Vampire; cursed.

Occupation: School student, mail delivery

Yukio Eurdicus, the adopted son of Sam Eurdicus, is a student, along with his brother Mare, at Dream Academy. He helps tend to the gardens, clean up the dragon keeps, and cook for the school. When he is not doing any jobs, he would go to his favorite tower, 13, to read books and watch couples from within the window. He has a very lonely soul, and has a strange ability, unknown to himself, to attract the paranormal. He is one of the few guy characters able to have long hair in this school.

General Information

Yukio is the gentleman and brother figure of our RPG. He is very benovolent to all and takes great pride in helping others without a price. But, the sadder truth is that Yukio is cursed, and he's dead since he was 12 years old. He has the abilities of a vampire and a werewolf, but those were cut in half as soon as he became a zombie. Yukio also use to be a paladin, so he has holy magic to boot. He also has scars covering his body, and a moon shaped one on his head, which he covers with bangs, or a headband. He likes tying up his hair in ribbons, and black is his favorite color. He is also Single, ladies. :P



Young Yukio, age 12, on his Misson

Yukio was born in Cards Down, located in Magicia. His Mother and Father are unknown. His adoptive father, Sam Eurdicus, found him in the snow as a 4 year old child. His memories were locked deeply inside of him, unable to be pulled out from trauma. Sam took him in, with his wife Mina, and soon, had two younger chidren., Ferian and Mare. Yukio's early memories were happy, and troubleless, but soon, as he turned the age of 10, the sages of his town started creating new magic. This lead to multiple civil wars, and the horrible part was that the sages abducted children to be experimented on for magical purposes. Ferian and Mare were taken away, Ferian by the vampires; Mare by the Nature Mages Society. Yukio at the time during the kidnappings, was off at a knight training facility, to be trained in the ways of the holy knights.

When Yukio returned, he saw Mina dead, and Sam slaughtered. This lead to Yukio becoming temporarily insane. At the Age of 12, he grabbed his dad's sword, along with the one he made, and he stormed into the Vampire's Camp to save his brother Ferian. The head Vampire, and trainer of Ferian, named Lock , took Yukio, and tortured him by ripping him apart. After Yukio's torture, he left him on the ground to be preyed on by the Werewolves, the Vampires' enemies. The werewolves came, and began eating Yukio's body. The leader of the Pack, Luke, Decided to keep Yukio around if he survived, and cursed him. The werewolf then took some of vampire's blood, and forced feed it to Yukio, which led to him becoming a half breed. Yukio then died, not being able to handle the pain of transforming into both species at once.

While he laid dead, a myterious necromancer raised him with the price of his humanity, which untimately lead to Yukio being forced to transform every night into his creature. Yukio ran from the necromancer, in Rage of her resurrecting him, and saw his brother Mare in the forest, who at the time recently escaped from his inprisonment at the Natural Camp. Yukio, in blind fury, torn his brother to shreds, almost killing him before snapping back into reality.

Yukio never forgave himself after this, and decided to live only to protect his brother from harm. Yukio cannot die, and he is unable to remove his curse.



You must be seeing things...

With Mare and Ferian

Yukio is not their brother genetically, but his will always be considered as one to them. He loves his two younger brothers very much and will even die to protect them. Yukio always prays that Mare would forgive him, even though Mare said he always had. Yukio lives with guilt of hurting Mare since the day he transformed. Yukio's relationship with Ferian, on the other hand, is dwindling, since Feriand discovered that Yukio was doing something terrible with a person close to Ferian's heart.

With Rhode

Yukio loves Rhode, and Rhode realizes it when she saw him laying by her favorite tree, looking at her in agony. This lead to Yukio and Rhode having a small relationship, before Ferian seeing them. Yukio was then beaten up by Ferian, and Rhode left him, to stay with her original love. Yukio regrets this deeply, and hates himself for doing something so selfish. He still loves Rhode though, but instead, prays that Ferian and her would have a great relationship.


Rhode and Yukio

With Andrew and Cylvia

Yukio's relationship with Them has been rather friendly. The only notable thing is that Yukio lvoes to spy on them in his favorite tower, due to the fact that they are so romantic. For more on Cylvia and Andrew go here:

Cylvia's biography

Andrew's biography

With Letty, Nebraska, Amaii, and Kiya

The many of girls that have either attempted rape on him, or were accepted by him. Nebraska and Letty (reaper form) have both attempted to rape him, due to their intense love for him. Letty overall loves him but doesn't hurt him unless her reaper personality kicks in. Amaii and Kiya have both gotten into sexual contact with him, but both have been rejected later on., because Yukio's heart only belongs to Rhode.

With Gale

Yukio's relationship with Gale is pure hate, because Gale always attacks his friends. Worst of all, Gale harms his family, majorily by ripping Mare's wings off to Making Ryu assault Rhode. Later on though, you find out that Yukio is the son of Gale...

With Seth

Yukio and Seth become friends, and later, lovers. Yukio and Seth have been togethor for over a year, but recently, Seth broke up with him, due to the fact that he has been focusing more on other things than her. They are still best friends, and have moved on.

Seth, with her kitty

With James

James and Yukio have the same personality, same interests, but they hate each other due to a relationship issue with Letty. James and Letty had fallen in love, but Letty went over to Yukio's dorm while Yukio was sleeping, and began making out with him. yukio awoke with a start, and as Yukio was about to get her off, James came in, discovering it. James had hated Yukio since, but Yukio still wnats to be his friend, and will welcome him with open arms.

Name Pronnouciation

His name is Yukio Eurdicus, but the offical person who made him pronouces his names as U-ko Ur-Ed-eck-us. Now say that really fast, and you have it. XD

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