Seth Frost

Seth Frost


Age: 18 (actual: Unknown)

Date of Birth: Decemeber 25, Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Likes: Snow, skiing, Yukio, goths

Dislikes: Fire, Stupid people, Andrew

Magic: Daughter of Jack Frost

Occupation: School Student (?)

Seth Frost, is a poetry writing goth, who likes to spy on people for inspiration. When she is not writing, she is listening to songs or bugging her close friend, Yukio. She is secretly the daughter of Jack Frost, a prospect which she hates deeply. She controls everything icy, and can cause random blizzards to occur. Not much is known about her, except she is outgoing and obnoxious.

General Information

Seth is at the school, but we aren't sure if she is registered as a student. She is very gothic looking, and cold to the touch. She doesn't mind her name, and actually takes great pride in it. Seth is very obnoxious and blunt when speaking to, and always tries to get it her way, even once stripping in the boy's bath to get Yukio to go with her. She also rejects romance, and hates the relationship with Cylvia and Andrew. She also hates Andrew very much, because he is popular with the girls due to his looks. Basically, she isn't afraid to speak her mind.



Seth, during her life in Ice Palace

Seth was shaped from Jack Frost, using his favorite ice. Jack than enchanted this Ice, making it human. That is how Seth was born, and was declared his daughter. She was made in the Ice Palace, unreachable unless you take the magical sled, Holly. Little is known about her history, or how she escaped.

She crashed landed into Dream Academy during one of the biggest blizzards ever, and has made it her living quarters. She is unable to return to her origin, and she is greatly weakened, only able to freeze things and make blizzards. She loves the gothic style and while she lived in her Palace, she learned the arts of writing.

She keeps a pet kitty with her, named Snowbell.


With Yukio

She had a year long, sexually involved relationship with Yukio, during her living at Dream academy. She eventually broke it off, seeing how Yukio is still not whole hearted over it, and secretly prays that they will get back togethor. She was even getting more in touch with being human for Yukio. (Still a virgin though, on a side note)


With Cylvia and Andrew

She doesn't like them that much, due to the fact that their relationship is so lovey dovey. She tried to adviod them as much as possible.

With Others

She has barely any friends, and may have a possible friendship with Mare starting.


Seth Contemplating

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