Mare Eurdicus

Mare, watching you


Age: 13

Date Of Birth: May 28, 1996

Blood Type: A

Likes: Onee-chans, Birds, Maki

Dislikes: Bullies, Gale, and Mages

Magic: Natural being/ has wings

Occupation: School Student

Mare Eurdicus, is the son of Sam Eurdicus and Mina Harper. He is very carefree, and positive on his outlook. He also has red bird wings on his back, along with a smaller green pair of wings. He is constantly evolving, due to his experimentation with the Nature Mages Society. He is the youngest brother of both Ferian and Yukio.

General Information

Mare is the kindest, caring, and positive brother out of the Eurdicus family. He has wings on his back that grow and shrik when he needs them, such as for flight. Mare loves nature and each of it's living creatures. You rarely see him sad or angry, and if he is, it's probably because of his friends. He addresses people with japanese honorfics, such as "Onee-chan" or "Onii-chan", in hopes that they too can become his friend. He can be found with his brother Yukio, in the gardens, or with Ferian, training hard so he can too, can be strong enough to protect the one he cares. Mare also is very innocent, and takes more so after Yukio, since they lived the longest togethor.


Mare,Yukio, and The Dean


Mare was born in a small cottage in Ruby, Magicia. He was born human, and had a small breathing condition. He was often in his bed, sick, due to his weak immune system. His brothers would keep him company, by reading him stories, showing him pictures, and playing with him. Mare had a window next to his bed, which he would look out of, watching nature and his dad working. When he got to the age of 4, he was able to walk outside, and explore the local parks with his mother, Mina.

As Mare hit the age of 5, the civil wars started, which tore Magicia apart. The Nature Mages Society needed children for their new experiments, and kidnapped at least 10 per day. Mare, too, was taken away by them. They killed Sam and Mina.

Mare was taken to their camp, where they took him and mixed his DNA with a parrot's. He was then trained in the way of Nature Magic, which was a very harsh and brutal magic to learn. He was forced to starve everyday, until he got his spells right. Mare soon met his only friend in the emprisonment, named Magi Maki. She was a young 7 year old girl, infused with the DNA of a crow. They became great friends and eventually Natti, or "Nature Lovers", which is when two natural beings would pledge their hearts to each other, sort of like a partnership.

At the age of 11, Mare escaped, while Maki sacrificed herself. He ran into a nearby forest, where he met up with his confused, twisted brother, who was in his "Wolf" form. Mare was attacked by his brother, but stopped him by reminding Yukio who he was. Mare, escaping with his brother, flew to Emerald Islands, where they now go to the school.


Maki and Mare

Maki and Mare

With Magi Maki

Mare has a special relationship with Maki, since they both are Natural beings. They are Natti, and have a deep relationship past that. They are too innocent though, to know what love is, but they both began realizing it after Maki suddenly appeared at the school. Mare would die to protect her, and Maki would die to protect Mare.

With Yukio and Ferian

Mare is Ferian's real brother, while Yukio is their adopted brother. Mare gets along more with Yukio though, due to the fact that Ferian was often gone, helping his local community. Mare is becoming more like his respected adopted brother, and less like his real brother. This causes family indifferences within the Eurdicus family, making Ferian despise Yukio more. Mare still loves Ferian, and considers him the "Best Onii-Chan ever!"

With Pidge

Mare thinks of Pidge as A great sister, and is oblivious to her affection for him. Later on, when Yukio accidently hurts Pidge by biting her, Pidge forces a kiss upon Mare, which causes her to get cursed by Mare's special

DNA. Pidge grew wings. (Thanks Cherry... =.=) and healed up after the bite. Mare is starting to begin to realize how much she loves him, and is having mixed feelings, since he is already in love with Maki.

With Cylvia, Rhode, Sirrah, Letiase, Andrew, James, Kiyeae, and Nebraska

He considers them all as his precious "Onee-chan" and "Onii-chan". Out of them all, Rhode and Cylvia have grown very infatuated by him, and call him their "Little brother."

With Gale

Mare is not as badly tortured as the other characters, and only once was he badly damaged, which was when Gale tore his wings off. They regrew back though, due to Mare's mastery of "Nature magic". Mare hates Gale, due to the fact that he tortures his family.

Pidge enforcing the kiss

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