Letiase Song
Letty 2



Age: 16

Date of Birth: March 17, 1993

Blood Type: AB

Likes: Yukio, Kiyeae, Oranges, Death

Dislikes: Gale, Bullies, Nebraska

Magic: Goddess of Death

Occupation: School Student

Letiase Song, the quiet, soft spoken twin to Kiyeae. She is seen wandering the enchanted forest, silently talking to herself. Not much is known about her, except she is the Goddess of Death, while her sister is the Angel of creation. She also seems to have an interest with Yukio.

General Information Edit

Letty is her nickname, from her sister. She is very silent, and loves being in the forests at any time of day. She seems very at home there. Underneath her happy, peaceful layer, is her real self, the reaper.

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