Kotori Yuchuri, also known as Pidge, is a fifth year at Dream Academy and is the daughter of Stemme Kagonu and Laya Nichiroka . She is very timid, but she excels at academics and has a great passion for piano.

Pidge in her usual attire

General InformationEdit

Pidge loves being outside and is often found studying under the Great Oak, most of the time accompanied by her white-and-blue cloud pigeon, Sam (short for Samshiitenshi...long I know, but that's what nicknames are for!).

She hates anything to do with darkness; i.e. thunderstorms, nighttime, the dark in general. She shares a room in the dorm of Spark with Cylvia Sholiney, and often wakes up under the red-haired girl's bed without even knowing how she got there. This is caused by her great phobia of the dark along with the fact that she tends to sleepwalk.

Pidge spends her days at Dream Academy mostly just studying, even when there isn't a need, which is why many people avoid her, the 'nerd.' This doesn't seem to bother her, though, and she remains a friendly, though sometimes a bit too friendly. Her closest friends are Cylvia, despite how controlling she is, Rhode Tale, the kind-hearted Quake girl, and Sirrah Cooklie-Johnson, a teacher at Dream Academy.


Pidge's light purple hair was long when she was younger, but she got bubble gum stuck in it (thanks to Cylvia) and hacked it all off with a knife

She is rather tall, but she still looks to be ten or eleven. She is, as some people say, flat as a board, which she doesn’t mind at all but which Cylvia constantly pesters her about. Her misty blue eyes are large and always filled with curiousity, and the occasional tears (she is a major crybaby). She wears a small bell around her neck that jingles whenever she moves. It was once her mother’s.

Pidge in the winter of her fourth year, shortly before her hair was cut


Pidge was born.

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