Kara Windslover dressed in girly clothing.

General Information Edit

Kathryn Windslover commonly goes by the name of Kara, and she is a runaway who enjoys adventure and suspense. However, even though she currently stays in Dream Academy, Kara is not enrolled into the school's student program.

History Edit

Kara divides her life into two different times: When she was with her family, and when she escaped and became a runaway.

Family Edit

Kara's mother was an underaged teen who could not take care of her child, so Kara was given to an orphanage at the age of two. Until Kara was six, she spent time trying to fend for herself against the other children in the house. Kara had one girl in praticular who she felt was a sister to her, but sadly, this girl was adopted even when each begged for the other to come home with them. Kara promised she would find her sister, but has had no luck.

When Kara was about to turn seven, a family came by looking for a young child to raise. They had strict requirments for a child, including blue eyes and light brown hair or pink hair. The child also had to be about ten years of age, but since they could never get rid of Kara do to her personality, they said she was 11 years of age.

Birth date: September 12, 1992

Birth name: Kathryn Livvie Cheklyn

Runaway Edit

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