The innocent James


Name: James Adam Johnson

Age: 18

Date Of Birth: June 2 ,1991

Blood Type: B

Likes: Sirrah, blue, summer, his brother

Dislikes: Vampires, Yukio, Letty

occupation: student at Dream Academy

magic: None yet

General InformationEdit

James is the timid, shy, and less spoken one, as compared to his twin brother, Andrew. He may be quiet, but when he does speak he speaks with authority. He's the more repsonsible twin.


Before James came to Dream Academy, he lived with his twin brother, Andrew, and his mother Melissa. Upon turning 12, he was diagnosed with an unknown disease that we have yet to discover. It was much like the flu, but ten times worse, and he was likely to die. After a couple weeks, he fell into a never ending coma, and his family assumed he was dead, but alas he was not. After years of sleep, he was taken out of his coma by Letty Song. He then developed feelings for Letty, but that's another story.


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