Erik Patterson (Rye)

Rye, being cute


Age: 15

Date of Birth: October 30, 1994

Blood Type: A

Likes: Puppies, Dare, biscuits

Dislikes: Snobs, being forced.

Magic: None. Carries a dagger

Occupation: Student, part time job at a bakery

A young boy from England, who is around the age of 15. He hangs around his Childhood friend, Darius Smith, whom he nicknamed Dare, due to Darius's Unruly nature. Erik has been nicknamed "Rye" by Dare during one of his drunken moments, due to the fact that Erik eats alot of bread. You find out much later though that Erik is actually a female, raised as a boy due to her parent's constant quarrels.

We will refer to her as a Female, to prevent confusion.

General Information

Erik is a pacifist, and generally hides behind Dare's back for protection. She is normally the one to pay off Dare's debts, and get him out of trouble with the ladies/teachers/men. She also has a strange love for biscuits amd loves dogs to bits.



Rye and Dare, sleeping in a hotel

Erik was born some where in England, which was never stated, except it was a very "Poor" zone. Her two parents, Rodrick Patterson and Yumeria Natsuki, did not want a child, especially a girl, so Erik was frequently abused and raised as a male. She would be constantly locked in her room everyday, with a book full of fairytales to read. She slept on the floor, and for the most of her seven years, she would stare out of her bedroom window, watching other children play.

When she turned eight, she saw a new family move in right across of their street, called the "Smiths". That is when she first witnessed Darius. Erik didn't think anything of it, until one night, when Dare snuck up her family's apple tree, to meet Erik. Erik would than talk to Dare everynight, by meeting him in her tree.

Eventually, her family found out, and cemented her window. They threatened Dare's parents, and prevented the two from meeting all togethor. As Erik Turn ten, she finally escaped from her house through the chimney, and with Dare, they ran away from home. They traveled togethor to new york, then they secretly got on a ship heading for an island. They both came to The academy, and reigstered as students there, under false ID's.


With Dare

Erik's relationship with Dare is a strange friendship. Dare is rather ignorant, egoistic, and sexist, while Rye is benevolent, Caring, and Shy. Dare normally teases Rye, and when they are alone, he sexually harasses her if she lets him. Erik really loves Dare, while he doesn't understand her feelings. They often are seen with one another, and if not, Erik is seen sulking in the Fountain of Treats.

Dare also oftens abuses his relationship with Rye, to the point where Rye is forced to pay all of his debts while he continues on in his Mary way.

On another note, Dare didn't realize Erik was a girl until he was 13. They both went to a bath house to have some fun, and Erik refused to undress, so Dare forced her to strip, which lead to the awkward discovery.

Rhode and Rye, as she gets more girlier

More will be added later as the RPG progresses.

With other Females

Erik doesn't communicate well with others of the same sex, since she had been living alone for most of her life. She just hides behind Dare, and advoids them. She seems to making good friends with Rhode Dark Tale, though.

With Family

Erik's family abuses her on a constant basis until she turned 10, running away with Dare. Her mother had wished she had a son for a child, so raised her as such, while her father wished for no child as all. You would see many scars on her back, where her father had slashed her with a kitchen knife. She was commonly seen as a child with bandages wrapped around her head where they would punch her. She despises them, and prays that they will soon recieved what they had given her.

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