David Blake


Name: David Johnothan Blak

Age: 16

Date of Birth: April 22, 1994

Blood Type: AB

Likes: Kiana, music, writing, orb cells, mythical creatures, piano

Dislikes: Parents, Rowan, Gale, posers

Occupation: Student at Dream Academy

Magic: TBA

General InformationEdit

Young and sometimes timid, David Blake is new to the Dream Academy set. David is calm, collected, but when mad can be really frightening. David is currently dating pop sensation (i did not just say that), Kiana Shaine....but their relationship is strictly secret when not at DA....I should explain......


David grew up in New York, where he met his best friend Kiana Shaine. They were constantly thrown together for "play dates" as their parents were best friends. David and Kiana went everywhere with each other and rarely were ever seen alone. As they grew older, Kiana persued her music talents more, David being the encouraging friend, wrote her songs for her. Soon, Kiana was discovered but her mother took over as her "manager". Being the "heartfelt" mother she was, she refused to acknowledge that David had written all of Kiana's songs. Later on Kiana finds that this wasn't because of fame, but that her mother had been cheating with Davids father. Kiana was appalled and told David who proceed to tell his mother, who then proceeded to leave his father. This down spiraled into a huge family war, and David and Kiana where forbidden to see each other. Modern day Romeo and Juliet?

When David turned 16, he was fed up with his parents stubborn ways. On his own, he ran away from home and found Kiana coming out from a club. He told her about where he wanted to go, and Kiana - being fed up with her mom and the press, and missing David - ran away with him. They found t

Kiana X David

Kiana and David as kids

heir way to Dream Academy and made a new life there, and soon realized their feelings for each other.



David doesn't stay in contact with his family after the "Forbidden Love" ordeal. He is an only child and used to live with his parents, Liam Blake and Daphne Blake (cuz i LOVE scooby doo!). They were close, and they supported David in anyway they could.....except when it came to Kiana. They absolutely forbid him any contact with that "wretched girl", as Daphne Blake had called her. For years David's relationship seemed to be holding on by a string until finally, he left.


Kiana is David's girlfriend. They've been dating since they came to Dream Academy and it's perfect because they don't have to hide it. Kiana is the crazed, and sometimes loud one of the relationship. But, the on thing that makes their relationship so tight, is their love for music. While David writes, and sometimes composes the songs, Kiana sings them and they've become closer through their music.

Kiana & david

Kiana calming David before a huge performance

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