Darius Smith

Dare, hating his school tie


Age: 17

Date of Birth: Feburary 14, 1992

Blood Type: B

Likes: Women, Rye's innocence, Grapes

Dislikes: His dad, His mom, Bad Men

Magic: Has the ability of seduction

Occupation: School student

Darius Smith, is a teen hailing from England. He is wild, ignorant, sexist, and very cunning. He loves any girl from the age of 13 to the age of 29. He hangs around his Buddy, Rye (Erik Patterson), and childhood friend. He is called Dare from Rye, due to the fact that he is very daring, known to even sleep with the president's wife, if he could. He had recently rehabilitated from his alcholic problems, but still smokes cigerettes.

General Information

Darius is known to sleep with any woman who is eager, and has a small magical ability he calls "cupid's arrow". It enables him to charm ANYTHING from men to women. He hangs around his friend Rye, and commonly harasses her in any way he can, but he is just showing that he loves her very much in his own way. He use to drink at least 5-10 beer bottles a day, but recently rehabilitated so he only drinks one per week. He is also very protective of Rye, and when she gets hurt, he will beat up the person/thing who did it. So far, he has slept with 128 women in the school, which he boasts about.

Dare smoking

Dare Smoking


Darius was the adopted son of Wilks Smith and Arma Wellington. He, nor anyone knows where he originated from, but all we do know is that he has a birthmark on the back of his back, symbolizing royalty. So was Darius a lost prince? We are not sure. He grew up with the Smiths in a household of 13, himself being the thirteenth child. Darius's early memories are tragic, for he was tortured by his dad every night and molested by both his mom and dad. As he grew up, so did his hatred for men and women alike.

Eventually, he moved to a poor town to live there, and soon met the frail and sad Erik. He would sneak up to her window every night from then on, to speak to her for what seemed like hours, until eventually, Mr Patterson caught Darius trying to sneak into his daughter's bedroom. He was threatened, and soon, his parents took him back, and hid him from everyone. His parents then started sending people down to him, only for him to be tortured by them, and raped.

He soon, by the age of 10, dug his way out of his parent's house, to run away. Rye journeyed with him, and they took the nearest boat to New York. They then took a ship from there, and headed to the Emerald islands to be safe from both of their families.


With Erik

Darius is Erik's childhood friend and Escapee. They have been togethor since the age of eight, and care much for each other. Darius, although, is oblivious to Rye's love interest for him, and takes it as extreme worry. He always gets Rye to pay off his debts, cook for him, and clean his dorm room. He does secretly think of Rye as a possible girlfriend, but is too scared to do anything to her to harm her innocence.
Anime girl boy love - 0492

Rye, blushing while Dare hugs her

With Family

He absolutely hates his dad and his mother, due to his history with them. He also is interested on who was his "Real" family, and hunts for them deeply. All we know is that he came from royalty.

With Women

He considers them as a "play toy" for men, and fools around with most of the students at the school. He even slept with some teachers, just to fill his urges. He only considered women close to him as gold though, such as Rye, and doesn't want to hurt them in any physical or mental way.

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