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Cylvia, posing


Name: Cylvia Crystal Sholiney

age: 16

Date of Birth: April 22, 1993

Blood Type: AB

occupation: student at Dream Academy

Magic: Has learned to shipshape things.

likes: Andrew, anything pink or purple, Dragons, and unicorns

Dislikes: Gale,Yuki,Amaii,Fern,Fern,Fern, and Fern and Fern's love Andrew followers.

General Information Edit

Cylvia Sholiney is a 16 year-old girl who goes to Dream Academy. Cylvia spends most of her spare time with her loving boyfriend Andrew Johnson and her pets, Juju, her 8 year-old unicorn, and Dragonnade her 10 year-old dragon. Cylvia is outgoing and a little snobby,demanding, and controlling. She is also captain of Dream Academy's Dragon Team. Cylvia lives in the Goshia Village with her brother, Aaron, and her sister, Cylithia. Cylvia never backs down from a challenge and is often in sticky situations but she knows how to handle herself.

History Edit

Cylvia grew up in the small Goshia Village. Her life was the highlight of perfect. Her parents loved each other, she was beautiful, and she got along with her siblings. All was perfect until Aaron went off to college. Cylvia's parents, Cycilia and Aaron Sr. got into a fight about how to pay off Aaron's tution money. Cycilia wanted to either get a loan for the money or ask her rich brother for the money. Aaron refused and Cylicia threatened for a divorce.Well, Aaron had a heartattack, and was sent to the hospital. His immune system shut down and he died the next morning at 3:30 p.m. Cylvia was devastated and blamed her mother for the whole thing. Her perfect family had collapsed and to escape her drama filled life Cylvia applied for school at Dream Academy. But little did she know Dream Academy was nothing but drama.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Cylvia is very close to her brother and sister but she still blames her mother for her father's death. Although she resents her mother she still wishes they were closer. Cylvia is probably closest to her sister, Cylithia. Cylithia and Cylvia share everything together and are more friends than sisters. But when it comes to her brother, Aaron Jr. Cylvia gets easily annoyed. Aaron is VERY controlling and protective of her younger sister. When Aaron met Cylvia's boyfriend, Andrew she almost killed him. Cylvia's family is a little strange-to her- but she loves them.

Cylvia has recently had a daughter, who is as much a pain as she is. Cynthia, her loving daughter, has her mom's attitude and looks, but her father, Andrew's eyes and determintation.

Friends Edit

Cylvia has grown particuarly close to Rhode Dark Tale. Yet many girls resent her and are jealous of her looks Rhode was different. Cylvia has also grown open minded to being friends with Sirrah-Andrew's ex-instead of thinking of her as a "threat". Cylvia doesn't have many friends due to the fact that she won't let any girl stare at her boyfriend for to long and due to the fact that many girls are jealous of her. Another asset to her friends is Mare. Mare is the winged animal boy that everyone simply loves. Besides, what's not to love? He sweet, kind, childish, not to mention too cute! Known to him as his "onee-chan" Cylvia and Mare are pretty good friends. Yes she doesn't have many friends, but that's Cylvia.

Boyfriend Edit

Andrew. Andrew Johnson is Cylvia's loving boyfriend, whom was also the first person she met when she moved into the Goshia Village. Andrew helped Cylvia through all of her drama and helped her with Dream Academy and she absolutely adores him. Cylvia gets jealous over any girl he looks at or spends time with which is confusing as to why they're together. Andrew has grown to love Cylvia for her and right now she'd explain her life as perfect.....for now anyways.
Cylvia & andrew

Cylvia and Andrew kissing

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