General InformationEdit


Cylithia walking along the beach



Date of Birth: January 1, 1989

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Student at Dream Academy and Dream Academy's secratary

Magic: Has power to change people's thoughts.

A young woman from the Goshia Village, Cylithia Sholiney, is often not seen much. Besides her outgoing personality she stays in her Doorm room most of the time. Cylithia is the older of Cylvia Sholiney and the younger sister of Aaron Sholiney Jr. Cylithia is about 20 years-old but stays in Dream Academy to be close to her sister and in hope that she might get to know Yukio-whom she has a crush on-better. Like her sister, Cylithia is exceptionally beautiful but she's a little bit more....snoby than Cylvia. (I guess that's where cylvia got it from). Despite her non glamorous personality, Cylithia stays true to herself.

History Edit

While Cylithia was growing up everything seemed to be centered around Cylvia and it ticked her off. She was absolutely happy when Cylvia left for Dream Academy. Everything seemed to be going her way until Aaron went to college. Her mom had stopped talking and locked herself in her room. Soon Cylicia kicked her out saying that she was old enough to take care of herself although she was only 16 at the time. Cylithia's life was terrible until she found out her ability to change people's thoughts to benefit herself. So she got enough money and applied to Dream Academy.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Although Cylvia had it in her mind that Cylithia was more than her sister but a friend Cylithia, in reality, absolutely resented her. It was always the same thing, "Cylvia's so pretty", "Cylvia's absolutely beautiful", and "I wish she were my daughter" and it absolutely ticked her off. Although they got along fine CYlithia was actually jealous of her. Cylvia was pretty, she was talented, and she had the perfect boyfriend! How could her life get any better? Cylithia would never forget her jealousy over her sister and do something she'd regret forever.

Although she resented her sister she loved her brother, Aaron. Everytime she was in a bad relationship Aaron was there to save the day. Cylithia and Aaron always had each others backs and were very close, and it was very hard to watch her big brother go off and leave her for college. Cylithia'd never forget the day he left.

Boyfriends Edit

Cylithia had her fair share of relationships but they were all terrible. Each guy either wanted her for her looks or used her to get to her sister. Cylithia had had at least 6 boyfriends who only liked her for her looks, at least 8 try to date her sister while they were dating her, and at least 4 dump her for her sister. Ya, Cylithia has huge boy troubles!

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