Cornelius Nacht (Rowan)



Age: 24 (actual: TBA)

Blood Type: AB

Likes: Humans, Dogs, Stuff Animals (don't ask), Aoi, Fai, Midnight

Dislikes: Midnight, Gale (with a passion), Mornings, New demons

Magic: He's an incubus for god's sake. <_<

Occupation: None. Hangs around LEW out of boredom.

Due to Laziness on Mar's part, you get a bit of info for now. :3


Rowan lived somewhere near present day Germany, working for a lord that ruled them. He worked in the fields, collecting crops and raising them. His Father was the village's blacksmith and his Mother, a doctor. They had a healthy relationship and lived rather peacefully, even though the knights were rather cruel.

As he neared the age of 15, he saw the love of his life, Morgan, walking through the streets. She was escaping some guards of the castle, and was rescued by Rowan, who hid her in his house. She met him nearly everyday in a cornfield outside, until eventually, they fell in love. Soon, he discovered that she was the Lord's daughter, and that she could not meet him anymore, or he'll be killed. Defying her wishes, he continued meeting her, even when she was forbidden to go outside.

The Lord saw one day that Rowan was in his gardens, talking to his daughter, and became enraged. He demanded he be executed on the next day. Morgan quickly went to the dungeons and tried to trade places with him. He kept refusing until she knocked him out, using magic to change her appearence.

When the day came for his execution, Rowan woke up in the local barn and quickly remembered what went on. He dashed to the village square, and watched as Morgan was about to be put to death. She was shocked to see him, and immediately mouthed "I love you" to him before she was hanged. After she died, her body reverted back to her orignal self, sending the already enraged Lord insane. Peasents and knights claimed it witchcraft, and went after the lord in fear. Rowan, in the chaos, collected her body, and ran into the forests, burying her there. He stayed by her grave for the next few days, slowly starving himself to death.

A man met the near-death Rowan, and asked him if he wanted to bring her back. Rowan was suspicious at first, but with nothing to live for, agreed. The man told him that his name was Midnight, and said that if he wanted her back, he'll have to make a deal with him. He will have to become a demon, and he'll have to get over 300 souls to bring Morgan back. Rowan accepted the terms.

His body was burned by flames, his hair turned to red, his eyes becoming dark crimson from hate. He lived in Hell for most of his life, being trained by Midnight and other demons.

(Mar lacks an idea for history to be put HERE)

He gained enough power to head up to Earth, and did so. He hides his true appearence with a human body. He has a companion named Aoi, who he made a deal with. She is fearful around him, and tends to run away when she can.

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