Andrew with his sword


Age: 18

Date of Birth: June 2,1991

Blood Type: B

likes:Cylvia, his friends, his brother,swords,Dream Academy

Dislikes: Fern, Gale, Amaii, bad relationships, rapists, his dad

occupation: student at Dream Academy

magic:handles swords well

General Information Edit

Andrew is an 18 year-old student at Dream Academy. He lives in the Goshia Village with his mother, Merissa and his twin brother, James. Andrew is also three minutes older than his brother, James. Andrew is outgoing, funny, carefree, and fun-loving....the exact opposite of his brother. Andrew has been at Dream Academy for about 3 or 4 years and has learned to handle his sword very well. Andrew is very protective of his girlfriend but he's not jealous although he can be.
Andrew & James

(right,left) Andrew's on the right, James on the left


Andrew grew up in the Goshia Village with his mother and twin brother James. He doesn't know his father (which is a good thing) because he raped Andrew's mom at 12 resulting in her giving birth to them at 13. Andrew resents his father and swears if he meets him he'll kill him. Well when Andrew's mother announced she was going to keep the twins her parents kicked her out and she moved into the Goshia Village. Their life was "okay" until Andrew and James turned 12. An epidemic swept over the village killing most of the population. Unfortunately, the disease was unknown so there was no cure. James was diagnosed with the disease and went into a coma two weeks later. Everyone figured he died or would die soon. Andrew went into deep grief for his brother, and his mother was absolutely devastated for her youngest son. Andrew was sent to Dream Academy by his mother because he reminded her too much of James. But little did they know James was just in a "deep sleep" which you find out later in the RPG.

Relationships Edit

With Sirrah Edit

Andrew and Sirrah were once together but he broke up with her a few years ago to be with Cylvia. They started "dating"(i guess you could say) Andrew's first year at Dream Academy. They had a good relationship and soon Andrew was convinced that he was in love with her. So he asked her to the annual "Ask a girl to wonder the forest" at Dream Academy. Yes, the forest was off limits but that's the mysterious part about it. Sirrah said yes and they spent the night in the forest together. In the morning Andrew introduced her to the cliff where she now spends a lot of her time. Their relationship continued into the next year all until, Dream Academy's break in December when Andrew met Cylvia. When he came back from break he broke up with Sirrah telling her he wanted to be "just friends" and that he thought of her as a sister. For more on Sirrah visit her bio.

Andrew forcing a kiss on Sirrah

With Cylvia Edit

Andrew and Cylvia started dating at the start of her first year and the start of his third year. Cylvia didn't feel bad at all for Sirrah because, of course, she wanted Andrew for herself. Andrew fell for her because of her "edge". She was dramatic but she could be sweet and, amazingly, Andrew liked that about her. So he broke up with Sirrah and asked out Cylvia and they've been dating ever since.

First kiss

Andrew and Cylvia's first kiss


Friends Edit

Andrew has many friends, because most people learned to love him. His personality is outgoing and easygoing. THe downside,is that you either love him or hate him, so some people do hate him. But, out of all of his friends, his by far best friend is Ryu/Ferian. He used to hate him while he was a vampire but now he's grown to like him. Andrew gets along with all of the Eurdicus brothers so there's really never a problem. Andrew is also friends with Rhode, Sirrah, Cylithia, and others.


Andrew with his "other" sword

Family Edit


Andrew deeply loves his mother and was heartbroken when she sent him to Dream Academy. There relationship hasn't been the same since James' "death".


Andrew and his brother James aren't only brothers but bestfriends. He loves his brother and was devastated when he thought he'd died. Yes, James is his twin but they have totally different personalities. They may not show it sometimes, but they love each other. Although James is dating Andrew's Ex, they don't really have a problem with it.


Andrew recently had a..."mishap" with his girlfriend Cylvia, ending in their daughter Cynthia. Cynthia is a spitting image of her mother, but has her father's eyes and determination. Also known as "CC", Cynthia is the apple of her father's eyes. Unfortunately, when she was born a crazy nurse mixed up her bottle and she ended up growing to the age of 10. The nurse was fired.

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