Amaii-Lee Carolina Cecily

Amaii, at her Photo shoot

Born: April 11, 1989

Birth Name: Amaii-Lee Carolina Cecily

Occupation(s): Student, Model, Crimnal

General Information Edit

Amaii-Lee is commonly just called Amaii and is a famous model but also a wanted crimnal. She is a vampire who commonly steals money, clothing, and cheats at gambling games for more money. If there is way to become more famous and richer, Amaii is bound to find it. She loves men who are younger and finds easy ways to trick them into her bedroom. She moved to the school to escape the cops due to her last successful robbery.

History Edit

Amaii has two different times in her life. The majority of her 20 years were spent as a human until she was suddenly bitten by one of her boyfriends. This is how her story began....

Human Life Edit

When Amaii was born she was the same as any chil. She grew up with loving family,but ones that blames themselves for all of Amaii's mistakes. As a younger child she began to steal and cheat and her parents blamed it all on themselves. Amaii's mother turned herself into jail because she refused to believe Amaii would rob a store. So, Amaii was angry with her parents for never giving her any punishment and she ran away with other guys and dropped out of school. Amaii began to drink and smoke at a young age of 15 with all of her boyfriends. She would live at their houses until something came up and she knew there was always another guy she could use. Amaii continued her cheating and robbing, until one day she met a new man. This man was.... (Give me time Maura, I never made a history for Amaii.... XD)

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